Ten Things We Did (and Probably Shouldn't Have) - Sarah Mlynowski
This book definitely had some good peaks, but at the same time, had its bad peaks.

First off, the book in general, was hilarious and crazy. The idea of living unsupervised made the whole plot of the story move. Which leads us to the bad peaks:

a) I don't know if this is just me, but I wouldn't want to be left alone without parental guidance in a house. We shouldn't always be so thrilled not to have it, especially if I'm best friends with someone as wild and liberated as Vi. I don’t understand how her dad could let his daughter move in with someone just through email. (I mean, hello, dad, there's this thing called hacking)

b) I'm not quite moved with the whole cat incident. I mean, if I were her, I wouldn't spend that load of money for it. It happens, now don't whine over your dad for not giving you money for it!

c) The author wants us to know how much of an ass Noah is but not April?

d) I wanted to know more about Vi and Dean's relationship but...

I am on the fence with my feelings on this book. I may just have some different outlooks on life, personally. But overall, I did like the hilarity of it. It was enjoyable and I’d gladly encourage teens to give it a shot! (Unless you want to overthink the plot, then don't.)