The Isobel Journal - Isobel Harrop
I received an advanced copy of this book from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

Okay, first of all, wow. How random was that? Secondly, wow. How relatable was that! Isobel is a teenage girl who is from a place (as the book cover suggests) where nothing really happens. And she dedicates this book to the people who feel the same way. She fancies drawing the places that she sees, the people that she encounters, and she's a cute little indie, too.

Long story short, she lives in her own simple world. And personally, that's the beauty of this book. The sketches are so cute and it's as if it's not trying to impress you. Believe me or not, you could actually feel the humility of it!

Flipping through the pages, I find it a completely fun ride, even if it's just around 200 pages and I get to finish it in less than 15 minutes. Haha!

The Isobel Journal is such a creative, quirky piece of art and I can't even begin to write down how much I find this girl, literally, like me!